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You have to go on your journey alone,
but you don’t have to do it on your own

We guide you on a journey of discovery and adventure through a well defined path to discover the secrets of creation. We are bold, brave leaders in the global transformation arena. We are your fierce supporters and nurturing guides. Our purpose is to be Leading Lights in the world and Masters in our Field, breaking barriers in consciousness, inspiring people around the world to live unlimited lives on purpose.

Our Customer Reviews

“It was there all the time…that kind of inner Compass that you can 100% rely upon. It means you're absolutely in charge. Your life doesn't get perfect immediately, or mine didn't. But I would never go back now to the way I used to work, because this way is just so much better. And it is a state from which everything is possible. And that's just been proven to me so many times.“
Alana Hurd
Alana Hurd
Leading Wildscaping Expert
“Thank you Tracey-Jane and Deborah for nurturing my love for nature for seeing my unlimited potential. And encouraging me to follow my TRUTH. Thank you both for your commitment and passion to making the world a kinder place. You have a created a safe and supportive space for those that want to grow.“
Marlene Neumann
Marlene Neumann
Voice of Nature & Master Fine Art Photographer
“I have discovered living intuitively and it has changed my life. Try it. If someone says to me, “I'm missing something in my life”, I say to them, get started with the AWE Program. It works. The key thing is the AWE program gives you everything you want and everything you need to live your life from a new firm foundation. “
Brian Robert
Brian Robert
Technology Consultant

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This is your chance to change your life forever.
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